Super Moroccan Oud


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    The 100% natural Maroukian oud wood is characterized by its calm scent that is loved by many natural oud lovers. It is characterized by saturating its sticks with oud oil and its small pieces, which are suitable for daily and personal use, and its high stability that lasts for long periods that will attract everyone around you.

    The Moroccan oud is extracted from the forest trees of Indonesia, which is famous for the Moroccan oud. It is considered the most famous type of oud and the most demanded for its fragrant and calm aroma and its high concentration. It is preferred by many groups of society, lovers of natural oud, and those looking for excellence.

    Its color tends to be light brown, and its scent is stable on clothes, fabrics, and the atmosphere in the home. You can gift it to all your loved ones and friends on holidays and on all occasions.


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